Starpoint MM (Mini Motion Sensor Set 1)

The SadoTech Mini Motion Sensor alerts whenever motion or movement is detected. This sensor is designed to detect possible theft, break-ins or intrusions – keeping you secure and worry-free throughout the day. It can also be used as a simple alert device whenever someone is waiting by the door.



Wireless Range: 500 ft indoors – 1000 ft. open area
Tunes: 52 selectable options
Volume: 4 level adjustable levels (25db to 110 db)
Receiver Power: AC 110V 60Hz
Transmitter Power: CR2450 battery

Package Includes
1 x Motion Sensor
1 x Plugin Chime (Receiver)
1 x CR2450 battery
1 x User Manual
Plus Screws and Double-Sided Adhesive Tape!

Customer Notice: Just plug in the receiver and mount your window/door sensor, and you’re good to go!

Additional information

Weight0.09 lbs
Dimensions2.60 × 4.30 × 3.40 in


Doorbell Colections


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